Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 6 Shifting

A day of change in the country, better for some, not so much for others. It doesn’t matter how I view the day unless there are thoughts and actions that follow. I chose not to turn on the television today and follow the coverage of the President’s inauguration. I’m still in a phase of sorting out the transition of power in the country and as time progresses I’m sure I’ll come to some conclusions.

I made a conscious choice to explore various podcasts and interviews today. Most of what I listened to was upbeat, encouraging, and full of hope. I thought I needed to distract myself from the day’s events but I was mistaken. What I needed was to set fire to the kindling in my soul. I desired that gentle nudge when my heart, mind, and soul entice me, encourage me, and challenge me. It’s the moment when the whisper asks me what’s next? What am I ready to explore on more that just the thought stage?

While meditating to “Windham Hill 25 Years of Guitar”, a piece began and I found myself exhaling and relaxing. I noticed a shift in my body and my mind relaxed; physically my scalp relaxed. I started to smile because I knew in my heart that I was making a conscious shift. What does making a shift mean today?

It means that I’ve been holding on to some ideas about people and situations that have been holding me back and now I’m ready to make a shift. I’ve been looking for when the time would be right to shift from the idea phase of a new project to the action phase and now I’m ready to make a shift.

I thought that making a shift would be difficult, but all it took was release and surrender. Listening to the path others have taken as their personal pilgrimages served me to see that making a shift is possible, doable, and necessary. There is no doubt that there will be some sadness as I say goodbye to certain things from my past, but there’s a rebirth, an excitement that will prove that making a shift, although scary is a rebirth. It’s the hope I need to wake up tomorrow in an uncertain world and know I’ll be okay.

What shift is in your future?


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