Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 7 Vibration

Did you feel it? Yesterday I talked about a shift that was taking place in my heart and soul. Today I felt the Universal vibration from the marches that took place around the globe. While I was meditating I kept asking myself, “How did this happen?” What was it about today that drew so many people together in unity?

I do believe that there was a Universal vibration flowing around us and through us. It was as if someone had set an alarm clock and people from around the globe awoke at the same time. I’m enormously proud of the all the women, men, and children who took the streets marching for their beliefs. I started a conversation with my congressman. I want him to know that the rules of politics are changing and that there will be more scrutiny and accountability.

Today was monumental and history making, but it’s what we do tomorrow that will begin the change. Everyone knows that there is a contingency, a rather large one, that wants to be seen and heard. Starting tomorrow we need to ask ourselves how will continue to be seen and heard. It’s not only about the march. It needs to be about showing up in the community, creating dialogues with our representatives, and if you feel the calling, start thinking about running for office.

I just retweeted the following information, “November 6, 2018, the date when 33 Senate seats, 435 House of Representative seats and 39 Governorships will be up for re-election.” I will be looking at how we can continue to raise the vibration levels. How do we keep the alarm clock synchronized so that every day we can all awake to our thoughts, dreams, and desires.

While I was meditating it was a bit electric. I felt a feeling of calm and hope. I hope you find that sense of calm and hope and share it with others. We’ll all need to keep raising the vibration so it becomes loud and a force to be seen and heard!!


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