Winter Feast for the Soul: Day 12 Commitment

I’m committed. Fortunately I’m committed but I haven’t been committed (in the locked up sense). I’m committed to staying on a path. I’m committed to looking at myself on a regular basis, taking an inventory of my character and my actions. I’m committed to serving my community.

As usual I didn’t know what I was going to ponder during my meditation, but what came flowing through me today was my quilting practice. I’ve been a quilter since 1992. It actually started in college when a friend said she was sewing nine path pillows and did I want to learn. I started and made a few pillows. At that point there was something about sewing (by hand) that made me want to explore quilting. It was dormant for a time and then I saw a ten-week program on PBS and my desire to quilt was reignited.

I took a class, and bought a sewing machine.   Today I have closets of fabric, a cabinet of thread, and five sewing machines. I watch videos, scour books on textile art, belong to an art quilt guild, and have studied with a teacher for many years. Quilting/art is my pilgrimage.

I’ve found that my commitment to quilting gives me peace of mind. The act of sewing, stitching, and embellishing textiles provides a creative space that allows me to express myself at the most authentic level possible. Using my creative energy is better as mood altering and consciousness expanding as therapy (for the most part).

What surprises me the most is the length of time I’ve been engaged in creating quilts. The idea of taking small pieces of textiles and putting them together to make something that is unified amazes me. Engaging in a practice where there will always be room to grow and improve challenges me. Being a part of a creative community allows me to feel connected. Having a practice that serves to share my voice with the world is invigorating.

I’m blessed to have found something that gives me joy, makes me feel alive, and I can share with the world. Being committed to this path gives me something to lean on during the good times and bad. It provides me with a place to retreat and regroup or to put forth in the world as my act of participation in humanity.

If you find something that draws you in and won’t let go don’t ignore it, commit to it!


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