Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 13 Broken

I had an unfortunate thing happen to my iPhone; I dropped it. I usually have a ballistic case, but the case I have didn’t protect the glass from shattering. A sense of sadness and certainly inconvenience crept into my consciousness. I’d have to take a trip to the Apple store to see about having it fixed or getting a new phone. This inconvenience is minor in comparison to a friend of mine. She had an accident at home, slipped and fell, and broke her hip. It’s a devastating event that will impact her life for quite some time.

As I ponder the idea of all things broken, I consider broken hearts, broken promises, and broken souls. How do we recover from our broken selves? We break machines down to their components to clean and fix them. We break down an animal carcass at the butcher. There’s a difference between breaking things down and being broken.

I don’t believe that our body, mind, and spirit can be broken, but broken open.   I do believe when things are broken we have an opportunity for things to mend. They say broken bones mend stronger. A broken heart when healed learns resilience. Broken promises allow us to listen to our inner voices whispering doubt of the words spoken by others. Things that are broken are just things and can be replaced.

How do we recognize what’s broken? Often there is pain involved. We get to decide what we do with that pain. I’m not saying that my broken phone caused me pain; the broken screen that was shattered was just a visual representation that got the ball rolling for today’s meditation.

Just one more thing to consider about the word “broken”, we can be broken open to experience new things. When we’re broken open like a nut/seed we can get to the center that holds what’s possible.

When “broken” enters your life, how do you handle it? What does it represent to you? I hope you never have to go through a phase of broken, but if that’s not possible, I wish you ease and peace.


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