Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 15 Routines

I’m a creature of habit. It’s comfortable! There’s nothing better than knowing exactly what’s going to take place, in what order, and when. Well, that’s true to some extent, but I do have a tendency to stay in my comfort zone until it becomes unbearable and that’s when it happens; I break out in a big way. I have weeks of spontaneous activity. I want to experience new things, go new places, and even (to everyone’s surprise) change up what I eat when I go to one of my regular restaurants.

I didn’t really think about this much until I was reading an article last week about how to keep you dog alert and happy. The recommendation was to change the route you take when going on walks with your favorite four legged friend(s). I have a tendency to mix up the routes depending on the day, but today I took Siba (my eight month old Bernedoodle) on a new and exciting journey. We walked a path we had never been on before. It gave her new scents to explore and for me was a change of pace. She was alert, and I was very tuned in to her level of awareness. It was a long a bike path so we did have to be aware of those two-wheeled beasts.

She had a good time and I do think it makes a difference in our relationship. So when I got home and started my daily meditation I got to wonder, “Why don’t I do this regularly for myself?” What is it about routines that are so comfortable? The more I thought about it frightened me a bit because all I could think about was listening to a vinyl record and playing a song over and over until the grooves are so deep the sound is distorted (obviously not a reference to those who never listened to a vinyl album).

I’ve been trying to avoid using the “rut” throughout this post because it makes me sad to think of being in a rut. I work on always being open to new thoughts and ideas. I find that working in my studio helps me alleviate routing because it’s not a sweat shop so I’m not sewing the same seam for eight hours. My take away from today’s meditation is being aware of how I can change my actions/thoughts from routine to more expansive, unpredictable, and challenging. I believe that will serve me in all areas of my life.


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