Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 16 Space

Space, the final frontier!! Sound familiar? For those not Star Trek fans that is how the show began. I guess they were ahead of themselves because space, not just the galaxies throughout the Universe, but the space in our heads.

If it’s true that we only use about 10% of our brains capacity, then we have a lot of space at our disposal. We know that we can expand the use of our brain by looking at the research of stroke patients who create new neural pathways around the area that was affected by the stroke. It’s good to know that we have some wiggle room when it comes to the space in our heads.

I’ve been cutting small pieces of fabric form a larger print. I had all these little pieces that I thought would be cut in a certain way but I ran into a problem; I didn’t like how it looked. I continued on with my daily meditation over the past few days and today I had that a-ha moment. I was working on a small patch of fabric when I looked up at the misfit pieces in the corner of the tray and immediately knew what my next step would be. I created space and didn’t have any preconceived notion to hold me back and with that space came a solution.

When we create space in our hearts and minds we allow for other ideas and experiences to enter. The moment I allowed space during the meditation, I had options and that is empowering. The opportunity to expand what’s possible is exciting because it allows us to remove boundaries that hindered our past performance.

Once I had the solution to the design barrier, I was free to continue experimenting with other parts of the design process. I didn’t even know I was stuck until the moment when the space opened up, I processed the solution, and I was free to continue on my creating journey. The idea that I could create space at will through meditation is also empowering. It gives me endless possibilities by making meditation part of my practice.

See what happens when you create space in your head and heart. There’s nothing to lose, and endless possibilities to gain.


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