Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 18 Next Phase

Yesterday I wrote about auditioning components for the quilt I’m making as my forty-day meditation. I set the piece up and took pictures so that before I affix the pieces to the background I can make any necessary adjustments and have a reference guide for the design.

As I was looking at the pieces that remain I thought about my initial design (that was in my head) for the meditation quilt. It got me thinking about, what if that’s the next phase? What if the story has more to tell? What was possibly a single piece became a series or at least a diptych. Of course the next question is do I use the same components or utilize the same design concept and create a piece that stands on its own. This can only mean one thing, a trip to the quilt shop.

Off I went to the quilt shop in search of either confirmation or inspiration. As I wandered around the store my vision became clearer; it was to be similar in color but individual in its design. While meditating I wondered about other areas of my life where the next phase was emerging.

Over the course of the last week I decided to put my work out on social media. I snapped a photo of the back of one of my quilts and posted it with the caption, “Sometimes the back can be just as beautiful as the front”. I received feedback from over 160 people. This cemented in my mind the next phase is sharing more of my work both in progress and completed.

Thinking about the “next phase” idea, it got me thinking about work. I started collecting morsels of information that I can use as I prepare to rework my website. It has allowed me to solidify goals and my message. It is leading me down a path that will give me the motivation to share my ideas with the Universe.

I’m always excited to begin work on a new piece of art, but keeping the “next phase” concept as a beacon serves as encouragement for what can be. It helps me articulate more clearly what I want to share, how I want to share it, and the steps I need to get there.

What’s your next phase?


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