Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 19 Sacred

What makes something sacred? There are life events that some consider sacred. Over the past few months a number of people in my life have died. My father posted on Facebook that a long-term friend of his died today. Is death sacred? Is loss sacred?

As I meditate I begin thinking about what makes something sacred. Sitting alone in my studio, music with a deep rhythm playing, and working on the quilt gives me a space that I feel is sacred. It has the same impact that nature has for many. I know I utilize this time to honor the quiet in the world.

How do we create sacred space? Is it merely by thought? Is symbolism or ritual required for the sacred to emerge? This is one of those moments when I wish I had a definitive answer. You would think that there would be a standard, but the truth is when we deem something sacred it has personal meaning. If we’re lucky, we can share that feeling with others; but it’s still a unique experience.

Sitting here I realize this is a topic that I need to explore in greater depth. I’m hoping that as I explore it during future meditations that I’ll feel a sense of resolve in my soul.

I believe we all need things or experiences that are sacred. Having something deeply personal and meaningful adds richness to our lives. It provides us with moments of solace.

Let me know what you think is sacred, or how it shows up in your life!


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