Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 20 Wonder

I love when a word can be different parts of speech. I started to think about wonder while watching a documentary called See: An Art Road Trip. The film documents the travels of a couple that are both artists as they traverse the United States. The scenery was mesmerizing.

They were discussing the wonder of nature as they were exploring the highways and byways of the country. If I were to free-associate this would lead me to the Seven Wonders of the World. The next association is the holiday song, “I wonder as I wander”. I could probably continue doing these associations but let’s leave it and move on.

So wonder can be both a noun and verb. The artists were discussing wonder as noun, but as a verb it leads me to exploration. The act of wondering is special because it takes me to amazing places in my imagination. Wondering is magical. It leads me to new and exciting places. It incites possibility.

The wonder of wondering is miraculous. It feeds our soul. It nourishes motivation, creativity, and perseverance. Having the capacity to wonder is a gift. There is a trick to the gift; you have to use it. Wonder is not something you can put on a shelf and expect great things to happen. It is a catalyst for questions large and small.

Watching the documentary took me on a journey both literally and figuratively. The documentary took a turn when Bo Bartlett had a medical issue that shadowed the wonder of the scenery. It made him wonder about what would be next for him as a person, a husband, and as an artist.

Wonder transports me to places beyond my earthly station. It projects me into the past and the future. It allows me to create new worlds, or explore more deeply my inner most being. When I wonder I’m actively participating in my life.

Last but not least is the wonder of meditation. Having this dedicated time to explore is the real gift!





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