Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 21 Preparedness

I’ve lived in many places across the United States and each location has its own set of possible disasters. When I lived in the Northeast, I always carried an extra set of clothes in my car in case I got snowed in at work (I worked in hotel). Living in the San Francisco Bay Area the threat of earthquakes was always present. I had jugs of water in the house in case of emergency, along with easy edible food. Preparedness took away some of the fear of what could happen because I felt I’d make it through.

There are other types of preparedness such as being well equipped to do a job.   A plumber of carpenter always needs good tools to get the job done efficiently and safely. As an artist I want to make sure I have good quality fabric and sewing machine. I always make sure I have the proper needles for the job I’m going to take on, and that gives me a sense of confidence.

As part of my meditation, I’ve been cutting out these motifs from a larger piece of fabric. I have a scissor that was adequate, meaning it got the job done. The cuts weren’t as clean as I would have liked and I felt as if I was working harder than needed. I went and bought a new pair of scissors, much better quality than the first. It shouldn’t be a surprise that as I cut out these motifs the cuts are more precise, my hand is less stressed, and there is now a definite ease to the project.

When I meditate the most important thing in my preparedness regimen is time. Creating a space in the day when I can devote my body, mind, and spirit to my meditation practice. Meditation eases the obstacles or challenges that I face throughout the day because I know that when I meditate I’ll get to explore what is hard. I’ll get to focus on good things that are occurring and see how I can increase the likelihood that what caused goodness to appear, will appear again.

I hadn’t really thought about time as a tool of preparedness until I was trying to squeeze my meditation in between events of the day. I had a moment (a few days ago) when feeling rushed altered my meditation and the experience of being in my body. I’m more aware of my level of preparedness each day as I get ready to meditate.


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