Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 22 Potential

Potential is something we hear about growing up when the adults are either trying to motivate us or discourage us from going down the wrong path. I don’t think, as a child, and maybe even into my early adulthood, I realized the extent of my potential. It has been on a growth curve ever since and that has allowed me to attain many goals.

While meditating this evening, I started assembling the piece I had posted last week. As I was fusing the individual motifs to the background I noticed how many motifs I had left. Staring me in the face was potential, the potential to further embellish my design.

I went to the movies this morning and saw the film, Hidden Figures. It tells the story of African-American who were mathematicians for NASA. The work of these women was incredible. I can’t believe it took so many years for their story to surface and be told. It’s a story that every child in the world needs to see. It personified potential: in the people, in the management of NASA, and even the potential of a judge. It brought forth what conviction and talent can achieve. These women’s potential got tapped and forever changed history.

How do we recognize potential? In many cases, I think others see our potential before we self-identify those traits. Others serve as a mirror until we’re able to internalize the scope of our potential.

What does it take to feed our potential? Continuous learning is one way to expand our potential. When I focus on learning I add tools to my life available to best utilize my potential. In addition, when I have more tools I’m more likely to take greater risks based on my potential.

Potential is a lifeline. It provides us with the road to possibility. It allows us to grow. Potential is a gateway to growth, deeper self-knowledge, and a never ending expansion of consciousness.

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