Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 23 Reboot

I live in Colorado and fortunately, the weather here has been ideal for February. It’s great when the weather is mild because I can take my puppy, Siba (an 8 month old Bernedoodle), for a walk. We’ve taken to walking around the reservoir by my house because we can be alone and she feels like she’s out in the wild on the dirt path.

Every day we get a blank canvas to create the greatest work of art, our lives. It’s different than the movie Ground Hog Day, where the same day was lived over and over. Our days are new and open to possibility. It’s not that life doesn’t have a history, but when we create our art it’s based on everything we know and have experienced. Our canvas is predicated on the fact that prior today we have lived many lives.

I’m experiencing on a more regular basis that idea that meditation allows me to reboot. It’s similar to a computer where every so often we have to reboot the machine for updates. When I reboot during my meditation I am allowing myself to keep what works and discard those thoughts that are superfluous to a healthy and vibrant life. Granting myself the time for meditation gives my mind and spirit the opportunity to communicate. I’m free to explore what enters my consciousness.

I look around and see many who keep going without rebooting and what I see are people who are stressed with no where to go with that stress. Over the course of my career I’ve witnessed many who turn to harmful practices because they can’t/don’t reboot.

Ideally I’d love to be near the ocean so I can hear the waves, see them crash against the beach, and smell the salt water. Obviously living in the Rocky Mountains prohibits that on a regular basis. I’ve come to learn new ways to reboot such as working on a piece of art, listening to Gregorian Chant, or sitting in a park with children laughing and playing in the background.

Just like technology, we need to reboot in order to continue working/living optimally. It’s not a gift, but a requirement. There are times when I’m writing after my meditation that I have to wonder if I’m exploring an idea or trying to convince myself of something. Rebooting is one of those things; I know it has to be done, but to some degree I fight it.

It’s one of the reasons I’m going to work on keeping my practice beyond the forty days. It needs to be a regular part of the art I create called my life.


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