Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 25 Express Yourself

It has been quite a week in the news. I feel bombarded by the news, the animosity, and the confusion. What I feel encouraged by is the number of people who are expressing themselves. This is expression is seen in Facebook posts, the newspapers, and protests. I’ve felt obliged to tweet, email, and call my U.S. Senator’s office in despair over the confirmation of Besty DeVos as Secretary of Education.

I’m feeling a global uncertainty. Marches following the inauguration took place on all seven continents. Foreign newspapers have cartoons of our political system. Parliament (in the UK) has chosen to dis-invite the President to speak before them. Senators are trying to hush other Senators because they feel threatened by the truth. The truth, is all these people are expressing themselves. In all my adult years I have never seen such outrage and self-expression.

The question is what does expressing oneself do? I believe it validates my place and space on the planet. During my meditation I united with my core values, and when those feel violated I’m propelled to express myself. It’s given me another avenue to be creative because I can choose many avenues, visual art, spoken word, written word, and physical demonstration. I feel aligned in my belief system and my conscience.

Like so many artists in the past and present, an event that has rocked us to our very core has produced some of the most invigorating art. It’s raw, authentic, and alive. The way people are expressing themselves is stimulating, inspiring, and soothing. Self-expression is like oxygen; the soul needs it to live and thrive.

My hope is that we don’t go back to a comatose state. It’s sad that it took the election to bring forth these voices, but they’re here, they’re loud, and I don’t think they’ll be silenced any time soon.

How will you express yourself? If you haven’t been expressing yourself, what will it take to ignite that fire in your belly?


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