Winter Feast for the Soul: Day 28 Productivity

I spent a good part of the day working in my studio. I was asked last night to participate in an exhibition in August. Fortunately, there’s only one requirement, the piece needs to measure at most one meter in width. I have a lot of freedom to create something for the exhibition, but I also have a number of works in the pipeline waiting to be finished.

The time in the studio was productive. When I was meditating on productivity it wasn’t about volume. I’m looking at productivity as it pertains to progress. I know a lot of people think about productivity as an outcome. They look at it as a measurement of worth. Productivity is important because that’s how many people make a living, but today I’m choosing to think about productivity as a path to freedom.

While I’m working on completing some of my art pieces it gives me the freedom to design about future works. I have space in my heart and my head to move forward on the next chapter of self-expression. Unlike 45’s executive order for the EPA that would require two regulations be deleted for every one added, I believe that as one idea reaches its destiny, it allows me to cut the strings of attachment making room for new ideas and allowing me to realize new dreams.

I have another angle on the productivity meditation. Productivity leads to a sense of accomplishment. When I’m creating works of art, using my creative voice, I grow as I try new techniques, create new designs, and expand my repertoire. When I started working with my mentor, she encouraged us to finish one piece a month. She wanted us to finish our art pieces because it builds momentum.

Momentum is energy. Energy propels us forward in all our endeavors. It pushes us to ask what’s next? Productivity has many components to it, how do you view productivity?

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