Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 34 Adaptation

Change is inevitable. It’s an unfortunate fact of life because I like hanging out in my comfort zone. I’ve gotten better with change as I’ve developed my ability to adapt. It took a long time, but I consider myself a member of the “go with the flow” club.

One of my most embarrassing moments was many (many) years ago when I was working in a restaurant. I had been at the restaurant since it had opened and we were about to install a new manager of the restaurant. I didn’t say more than a handful of words to this woman for about three months. Trust me, I’m not proud of this story. In fact, it was one of the key events that propelled me to go into therapy (shouldn’t be a surprise that there were a slew of other issues as well).

At one point in my meditation posts I spoke about evolution. I look at evolution and adaptation as partners in crime. The world will bring forth many new events, political, social, religious, just to name a few. Our response has a baseline based on past experiences, the values supplied by our families, the laws of the land, and the mores of our religious institutions. The only problem is times change, leaders change, we’re exposed to new values based on geography, or we find a faith and change our behaviors in accordance with the tenets of the faith.

Sitting in the studio I began thinking about how I must adapt in a world that is full of anger, prejudice, and fear. The easiest way for me to adapt is to speak my truth. I was watching a documentary today titled Rock Fresh. It is the story of graffiti artists who become commercial artists over time.

Their stories were inspiring because they stayed true to their vision. They had stories to tell and although in some cases they were considered vandals, they learned to adapt to their surroundings. They spoke about the importance of shifting from tagging to creating art with a message. These artists adapted to a world where these served a purpose in the communities where they created their art.

The protests covered on the news are the means people are using to adapt to the current social/political system. Non-profits like HRC, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU are receiving donations/memberships in huge numbers as the community adapts to the tyranny of a government that uses their bank accounts as justification for their hate filled actions.

I’ll explore this more down the road. I’ll adapt to my circumstances the best way I know how like being educated on the facts, supporting causes I believe in, and building community.


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